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To find his adult electric scooter, we must be aware that there are several kinds of electric scooters, but also several models and therefore several brands. There is therefore a real choice to make concerning his electric machine, it is not a question of necessarily choosing the most beautiful, the most famous brand or one at random.
A good adult electric scooter is a device that must be effective in various trips and meet the use you want to make, without exploding your budget. The aesthetics should also please you but it must above all be robust and solid to ensure an optimal operating condition.


The adult electric scooter Booster is without a doubt one of the lightest adult electric scooters on the market. With a weight of 8.3 kg, it does not have an imposing size, but that does not prevent it from proposing very interesting performances. This scooter benefits from a range of 30 km and a charging time of 2 hours to 3 hours. From these two characteristics, one can already glimpse all the potentialities of this model.
In addition, the 250-watt electric motor propels the adult electric scooter at a maximum speed of 25 km / h. With a regenerative braking system whose mechanism is to recharge the battery from the recovered energy, the range is likely to go beyond 30 km.
In terms of ergonomics, it really has nothing to envy to other models. Thanks to an LCD screen, you can freely choose the operating mode that suits you, which makes intuitive use.
Compact, foldable and lightweight, it's perfect for driving through the city or helping you get to another form of public transportation (easy to get around on the bus or subway). The only drawback that can be found is the level of comfort. The board is a little narrow and as long as you are a big one, you may not feel 100% comfortable on the board. It remains however ideal for short trip.

The Suprem adult electric scooter puts a strong emphasis on comfort and mobility, with the promise of a good-looking experience. This is allowed thanks to a maximum autonomy of 30 km granted by a lithium battery LG.
The 500 W engine is enough to give you a feeling of freedom once you're up to 30 km / h.
The Suprem is ideal for going to town or going to work. With its foldable system, it can be stored anywhere without it really poses a problem of space (car trunk, camper, etc.). Its light weight (11 kg) also promotes portability, whether you're on a bus, subway or on a train.
In addition, this scooter is equipped with a large LCD screen that displays practical information such as speed and battery level. You can also set the driving mode and choose one of three speeds.

SXT 1000 Turbo

As its name suggests, the SXT 1000 Turbo is powered by an electric motor capable of developing a power of 1000 Watts. For an adult electric scooter, this technical characteristic testifies to a powerful model, and this translates into a maximum speed of 38 km / h for a range of up to 26 km in ECO mode.
However, the SXT 1000 Turbo is equipped with a lead-acid battery. Therefore, it is heavier than a lithium scooter (45 kg with the battery) and needs a longer charging time (6 am to 8 pm).
But, it is recovering well in terms of ergonomics: chassis composed of high quality steel tubes for high mechanical strength, foldable handlebars, tire inner tube for comfort, ergonomic seat padded and comfortable, brake front and back disc. This adult electric scooter also offers two modes of operation, ECO and TURBO, which guarantee a pleasant user experience.

E-twow Booster
With a weight of only 10.8 kg, this adult electric scooter is certainly one of the lightest models currently available on the market. The E-twow Booster consists of a lithium battery, which largely explains its small size and an average charge time of 2 hours. The engine power is 500 Watts and the maximum speed is about 30 km / h. With an autonomy of up to 35 km, this adult electric scooter has calibrated technical characteristics for direct journeys.
In addition, the E-twow Booster is equipped with a prodigious braking system formed by a front magnetic brake and a rear mechanical brake. The front tires are in soft rubber, which promotes a better grip on the ground.
Equipped with spring suspensions and shock absorbers front / rear, this model can be a serious alternative to bicycles, cars and public transport. Foldable and easy to carry, it has a good ergonomics and promises a good driving experience.

Takira Tank 800TT

This is perhaps the most atypical model of our selection, with its adjustable seat, its revolving handle, its front / rear disc brake and many other elements no less interesting (transport basket, side stand, guard -bugs and mirrors) that are almost reminiscent of a motorcycle.
But, when we look a little closer, we classify the Takira Tank 800T definitely in the category of adult electric scooters seats. With its electric motor that provides a power of 800 watts, the scooter has a maximum speed estimated at 40 km / h. Operating with a lead-acid battery, it has a weight of 45 kg and requires a charging time that goes well beyond 5 hours.
The Takira Tank 800T also offers a range of 20 km which is satisfactory for direct courses or a walk. Moreover, this adult electric scooter is easily foldable and therefore stores easily after use.

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