Thursday, September 26, 2019

The 6 (real) Best Compact Cameras 2019

After many hours of research and extensive study of twelve models, we have selected the 6 best compact cameras of the moment, among which the Olympus Tough TG-5 continues to win our preference.
Offered at a very affordable price, this model offers excellent image quality, while being very ergonomic, versatile and, above all, very resistant. An ideal companion to take on a trip!

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How did we choose?
The compact camera is originally intended primarily for the general public. Nevertheless, it must be recognized that with the technological advances that smartphones are experiencing in the field of photography, it is losing momentum on the market.

At the same time, the constant improvements made to high-end models are also making them more and more popular with some experienced photographers looking for a more compact camera for use in special circumstances.

It is therefore necessary, to invest in a compact camera, to find a balance between practicality and compactness in the face of hybrid or SLR cameras, with significant improvements (in terms of image or options) compared to smartphones Photo.
To make our selection, we were therefore interested in the characteristics essential to any good compact device:

Portability: Compact cameras range from a mini size that can easily fit into the pocket to larger sizes, which are preferred to be stored in a bag. Generally, they weigh less than 400 grams, and the lens occupies much of the front of the camera.

Ergonomics: a compact device offers fewer manual options than a hybrid or a SLR. But, for greater ease, it should nonetheless offer some features such as buttons and customizable modes, and clear menus and intuitive.

A large sensor: the larger the sensor, the more space it has to capture the lights and various information. The electronic noise is reduced and it becomes easier to photograph a scene where light and shadow mix.

A wide-angle lens: a large sensor can not be optimized if it is not accompanied by a wide-angle lens. This makes it possible to take captures with a lower ISO setting (sensitivity) and therefore with less risk of electronic noise, or with a higher shutter speed and therefore with less risk of blur.

The zoom: beyond the capacity of the zoom (5x, 20x, ...), it is necessary to check its nature. A digital zoom necessarily degrades the image, unlike an optical zoom. So always favor the second to the first.

Reactivity: a good camera must be fast on both the ignition and trigger and between different shots, not to miss a crumb of the scene that you want to immortalize.

The screen: whether touch, semi-touch or consists of a simple EVF is above all a preference (even if it also affects the ergonomics). It is nevertheless interesting that it remains legible in full sun and if possible, orientable to facilitate your shots.

The functionalities: if the panel of functionalities of a compact does not reach that of a SLR, it is not less broad, and it is necessary to ask you the functionalities essential to your needs (the shooting in Burst, GPS, etc.) The more expert compact even allow access to some manual settings.

Connectivity: Right now, any good compact camera needs a quick way to transfer to your phone or computer without having to go through a cable or SD card. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC is a required minimum nowadays.

Video options: You do not need to jump to a device with a 4K recording capability if the number of ips (frames per second) does not follow. It takes a minimum of 25 fps to get an unsharp 4K image, and 60 fps is recommended for full HD recording. And if you shoot a lot, an uncompressed HDMI output is a must-watch.

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